In order to maintain High Quality levels that our customers expect, we have implemented a Registered  QMS Certified to ISO 9001:2015. In addition we also maintain our ITAR Certification annually. We can provide full documentation for components produced, including Full PPAP and AS9102 First Article Inspection.


From receipt of purchase order to shipment of your final product. All procedure are in place to ensure that all customer components that meet all specification and requirements. 


The latest addition to our Quality Department 

the B&S Microxcel 765 CMM PC-DMIS and 

Datapage SPC has been established in a 

climate controlled room. 


PC DMIS software allows to import and inspect 

components directly from the nominal data 

in IGES and DXF file formats. 


Along with maintaining internal controls

Outside process vendors are only user that 

have demonstrated a equal commitment to 

World Class quality and service.  


Quality Assurance Infrastructure


Brown & Sharp Microxcel 765 CMM - 

(29.5'x25.6"x19.7 Range)

PC-DMIS for Windows (IGS, IMP./EXP.) 

Datapage/RT (SPC)

Brown & Sharp Micro-Hite 12" with Printer

Mitutoyo Height Master 12"

30" Optical Comparator

Mitutoyo Toolmaker Microscope

Rockwell Tester

Granite Surface Plates

Industry standard and calibrated hand 

measuring tools and gauges.

cmmfull1_small.jpg mircohite_small.jpg PPCLOGO.JPG